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Accenture Interview Questions and answers for freshers 2023

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Accenture Interview Questions and answers for freshers 2023: If you are preparing for the Accenture interview round or accenture ase interview questions then here is the interview experience or interview question of Accenture company this will give you an idea about interview round.

Accenture Technical Interview Questions Freshers:

Qns1: What is the use of “static” keyword in Java?

Ans: The static keyword is a non-access modifier in Java that is useful for memory management. Static property can be shared by all the objects, no separate copies of static members will be created on object creation.

No need to create the instance of the class for accessing static members, we can directly access them by using the class name.

Qns2:  Why is Java called platform Independent? 

Ans: Java is called platform independent because we can run our code on any operating system, including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Qns3: Explain the difference between (var++) and (++var)? 

Ans: (var++) performs the statement evaluation first, then increments the value by one, whereas (++var) performs the incrementing of the value before the expression evaluation.

Qns4: Explain Turnaround time and Response time? 

Ans: Turnaround Time: It defines the amount of time required to complete a request.

Response Time: It is the average time required for submission of the request when the first response occurs.

Qns4: Can we implement multiple interfaces in a single Java class?

Yes, it is allowed to implement multiple interfaces in a single class. In Java, multiple inheritances is achieved by implementing multiple interfaces into the class. While implementing, each interface name is separated by using a comma(,) operator.

Qns5: What is the significance of the “super” and “this” keywords in Java?

  • super keyword: In Java, the “super” keyword is used to provide reference to the instance of the parent class(superclass). Since it is a reserved keyword in Java, it cannot be used as an identifier. This keyword can also be used to invoke parent class members like constructors and methods.
  • this Keyword: In Java, the “this” keyword is used to refer to the instance of the current class. Since it is a reserved keyword in Java, it cannot be used as an identifier. It can be used for referring object of the current class, to invoke a constructor of the current class, to pass as an argument in the method call or constructor call, to return the object of the current class.

Qns6: What is run-time polymorphism and how it is achieved in Java?

  • Run-time polymorphism(dynamic binding or dynamic method dispatch) implies that the call to an overridden method is resolved dynamically during run-time instead of compile-time.
  • Run-time polymorphism is achieved with the help of method overriding in Java. When a child class(subclass) has the same method name, return type, and parameters as the parent(superclass), then that method overrides the superclass method, this process is known as method overriding.

Qns7: What is meant by the Friend function in C++?

  • A friend() function is a function that has access to private and protected members of another class i.e., a class in which it is declared as a friend. It is possible to declare a function as a friend function with the help of the friend keyword.
  • Syntax:
class class_name 
    friend return_type function_name();

Qns8: Write a C++ program for generating the Fibonacci series.

Ans: The Fibonacci series is a number sequence in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Fibonacci series will have 0 followed by 1 as its first two numbers.

The Fibonacci series is as follows:
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55....

The below-given program will display the Fibonacci series of n range of numbers given by the user. If the entered range value is 1, the num1 value will be printed, i.e., 0. If the entered range value is 2, num1 and num2 values will be printed, i.e., 0 and 1. If entered range value is n, num1 and num2 value will be printed. Along with that, each next term will be calculated based on the addition of the previous two numbers and this process continues until it generates n numbers in a Fibonacci series.

void main()
    int num1,num2,nextnum,n,i;
    cout<<"Enter the value for range:"; //Fibonacci series range value will be inputted
    cout<<"Fibonacci series is:"<<endl;
        cout<<num1<<endl;  //Single value will be printed if range value is 1
    else if(n==2)
        cout<<num1<<"\t"<<num2<<endl;  //Two values will be printed if the range value is two
        for(i=3;i<=n;i++)    //Fibonacci series will be printed based on range limit

Accenture HR Interview Questions: Accenture Interview Questions and answers for freshers 2023

Qns1: What are your Strengths? How will it be helpful for this position? 

Ans1: Before heading to an interview, develop a list of the following crucial points to help you answer this question.

·  Make a list of your strengths and choose the one that allows you to be creative.

· Before going to an interview, make a list of your talents to help you identify your strengths.

· Tell about the skill that will be most useful and relevant to your employment.

 Qns2: What do you know about the Company?

To answer this question, you must have extensive knowledge and thoroughly investigated the firm profile. Only then will you be able to respond. While answering this question, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

· Who are the Company’s founder and CEO?

· What are they well-known for?

· How many countries are they spread across?

 Qns3: What is your most significant achievement? 

This is an intriguing interview question since the interviewer wants to learn everything there is to know about you. While answering this question, keep the following points in mind:

·  Maintain a formal tone. Because of your success, your response should be professional.

·  Keep your response genuine by only mentioning accomplishments that you are proud of.

·  Keep it current by describing your greatest success in the last several years.

 Qns4: Why should we hire you for this position? 

This is most commonly asked Accenture Interview Question. This question will test your marketing skills because you will be asked to describe your selling points. While answering this question, keep the following things in mind:

·Demonstrate your interest in the position.

· Tell about your positive qualities and strengths about the job profile.

·Tell about your distinguishing characteristics in comparison to others.

Qns6: What are your long term goals for this job? 

I want to view myself as one of the highest-performing employees at a reputable company like yours. I want to contribute my talents and expertise to furthering my career and the Company’s growth.

 Qns7: How will you deal with work pressure? 

I’ve discovered that I’m more creative when under time constraints. I work more effectively under duress because I believe it tests my abilities and force me to prove myself. When I’m in a scenario like this, I first stay positive, and I begin to focus more on my work.

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