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IBM English Assessment Questions With Answer 2024 | IBM English assessment Exam pattern

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IBM English Assessment Questions With Answer 2024 2023 | IBM English assessment Exam pattern | IBM English round exam questions: The IBM English Verbal Language Test, the final stage of the IBM assessment process, plays a crucial role in evaluating your English proficiency. This segment consists of multiple-choice questions, and you’ll have a 10-minute time limit to showcase your language skills. To excel in this round, dedicated practice is essential. Success in this elimination round is pivotal, as only those who perform well will proceed to the next stage of the selection process. Ensure thorough preparation to secure a strong performance and advance to the next phase of consideration.

IBM English Assessment Exam pattern 2024:

Given Below is an IBM latest updated exam Pattern for English Assessment.

IBM English Language TestImportant Information
Total no. of question10 (MCQ Type)
Allotted Time10 mins
Round Property2nd Round, Mandatory
No of Sections1 section 4 question
2 section 4 Question
3 Section 2 question
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IBM English Assessment Questions With Answer 20242023

Question 1:- Can You hear what he is_____?

  • Saying
  • Speaking
  • Telling
  • Talking
  • ?

Solution:- A

Question 2:- I really woudn’t joke about it because these people are deadly serious and _________ buisness.

  • Signify
  • Mean
  • require
  • need
  • ?

Solution:- B

Questions 3 :- Choose the right spelling of the word or choose?

  • Prizeless
  • Priceless
  • ?

Solution:- B

Questions 4 :- Choose the right spelling of the word or choose?

  • hinge
  • hindge
  • ?

Solution:- A

Questions 5 :- Choose the right spelling of the word or choose?

  • Gras
  • Grass
  • ?

Solution:- A

Questions 6:-  India is integral to Gandhi, no matter how politically______ or morally wounded it might look to others or even to himself.

  • frivolous
  • raucous
  • flawed
  • ingenuous
  • universal

Solution:- C

Question 7:-It is surprising to see that this_____ writer has written a book which is truly global in very sense.

  • bumptious
  • turgid
  • aboriginal
  • indigenous
  • alien

Soltuion:- D

Question 8:- The organization aims to providing with satellite-based data on climate-relevent information with highest possible levels of accuracy and realiability.

  • to provide with
  • at providing with
  • to the provision of
  • No correction required
  • To Provide

Solution:- C

Question 9:- Studies have revealed what more is the reason people are asked to come up with in support of an idea, the less value they ascribe to each.

  • what more reasons
  • that more is the reason
  • what is the reason
  • No correction required
  • that the more reasons

Solution:- E

Q 10:-Underwater archaeology has huge potential, as it could be a time-consuming and costly way to study the past.

  • as it is
  • since it could be
  • but it could
  • No correction required
  • but it is

Solution:- B

Practice Question for IBM English Assessment Round 2024:

1) Which is in the correct sense??

(A)This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrive by spirit.
(B)This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrives by spirit.
(C)This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrived by spirit.


2) What does sexist language means?

(A)Language indicating towards woman

(B)Information conveyed as being a male

(C)language indicating difference between man and woman


3) It is considered a breach of etiquette ta have documents signed by administrative assistant

ANS: False

4) Sign by blue ink is authentic if done by blue ink TRUE or FALSE


5) Introduction should be added
(A) before brainstorm
(B) same time of body of letter
(C) at end of letter


6) Which is the correct way to end a business letter?
(D)Both B and C


7) Which is the correct use of pronoun ?
(a) Each executive
(b) Few Of the executive
(c) One Of the Executive
(d) All Of the above


8) Which is correct?
(a) Dear President Smith;
(b) Dear Mr Smith;
(c) Dear Mr Smith:


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What is the time Duration for IBM English Assessment?

There will be 10 minutes given to candidates to solve the Question



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